Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Dear Wicked Employers Who use employees like tyres Then they fire and rehire You change them like diapers Your words are final You bragged about sack letter Then they start to panic Due to unemployment statistics They become static And serve you like king Bowing at your feet No respect for their feelings To you they are mess You treat them like chess You set unrealistic targets They put their life on the line They work till night The love in their home decline Home shattered Children scattered All you want is profit irrespective of the atmosphere You forgot they aren't machine that has spare They suffer pains they can't share I have bad news for you I will tell them the truth And you will lose Dear employees Try see what's missing Remember students spend three or five months per semester and pass their exams How many months do an apprentice serve a master? Six months or twelve and he becomes a master. If you have served for ten years, And still unhappy, start yours this year Aren't you learning all this while Why will you serve your whole life? It's time to liberate 2018, you must elevate Start to navigate Success must circulate Enough is enough -Chinedu Junior Ihekwoaba ©2018


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Acorn Global Alliance Logistics
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