Saturday, 31 March 2018

An open letter to recruiters.

Sunday, 1st/April/2018

Dear Human Resource Manager,

The least you can do is respond to applications.

The stress of joblessness, not knowing when you can legit earn a certain amount of money to pay your bills is more than just enough for an adult who went through education hoping to solve some major problems in life by (atleast) getting a job. Sending applications without response is like making a frantic call to 911 and no one is picking your call. The hopelessness!

Overtime, applicants stop trying and resign to fate hoping that favour would come somehow someday because it feels like nobody cares. They have applied to several roles without getting feedback. This is so unfair and unprofessional of any Human Resource (HR) manager.

Big corporations understand the need to give feedback because they are structured and they find ways to respond to everybody even if it has to be a blanket message. Medium/small organisations need to learn to do things in a more structured manner. It doesn't take anything to send a response, atleast an auto-response and it is not a question of cost because even if you are using free emails such as gmail, auto-responder work just fine atleast to shoe that the application was received.

Something as simple and vague as;

Dear Applicant,

Your application was successful.

We will review your application and will contact you if you make to the next stage. However, due to the large quantity of applications received we may not be able to contact you if you are not shortlisted. 


With this they know their application was successful and what happens next. It is understandable that there could be so many applications that will overwhelm your HR team.

When inviting shortlisted candidates for interview do not give a blanket time slot (schedule each person for a particular time). You have to communicate every detail of the interview and your expectations clearly to the applicant. Same way you must stay in-touch with them even after they have become employees.

How about the shortlisted candidates who were interviewed and maybe did not make it to the next stage? Do they not deserve some sort of closure to let them know that they haven't made it through? You should atleast let them know when their recruitment journey ends and perhaps why they cannot go further. Also, if you are recruiting in large number and have shortlisted so many Applicants, endeavour to share the list on public platforms for faster/ wider reach.

If your HR team has been non-challant over the years, you seriously need to do better. And if your organisation is running on a one-size-fits-all approach where the CEO or one person is responsible for the entire management, then you need to re-evaluate and restructure. 

You just have to do better. Communicate!

source: Claudia Nwankwo


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