Monday, 19 March 2018

If you are not active on social media, you will not be visible.

While having hard-copy of your CV/resume is still valid for your job search/interviews, applicants must have soft-copy of same uploaded on their phone for on-the-go usage. Some job openings have very short lifespan. For some reasons, an organisation maybe looking to recruit urgently, for you to stand a chance for such quick opportunities, it would help to have your credentials handy (mobile).

Gone are the days when people walk miles to drop off CV/job application moving from company to company or waiting to attend offline job fares/ events/ networking opportunities. These days, most opportunities open and close online "at the speed of twitter" and you cannot afford to be invisible/inaccessible online. 

The reality is that there are very few jobs compared to the number of unemployed people seeking for jobs. For every job posting, there are over 1,000 applicants seeking one job opportunity. Sorting is herculean and recruiters have to find a way to cut down their work by putting strict criteria in place. 

So, it is not enough to have an excellent work profile with donkey years of experience and a pile of professional certifications. You must be accessible and available. Even when recruiters receive your CV via email, they go scan the net looking for available information about applicants and their works and if you cannot be found then, you are likely to be edged out.

You cannot afford to be operating analogue in a digital age. Everything has gone digital and so is everyone, even babies. So, turn that 6 pager into a beautiful online profile and see the amazing difference between two worlds. Get professional help to craft a modern CV (Google is your friend) and get set!

Most opportunities are shared on social platforms such as whatsapp, facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, google+ etc. and you just have to make yourself available on these platforms. 

If you are a professional or a job seeker, ensure to create a profile of your personal and work life (highlighting your areas of strength and expertise) and stay ACTIVE, especially on LinkedIn. Connect with friends, colleagues and industry thought-leaders. Learn and network. Engage your online community and stay active. 

Recruiters will view your profile. Others will take note of you and you can build online credibility by simply staying active.

In this millennial age you just have to be visible!

-Claudia Nwankwo @2018


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