Tuesday, 23 July 2019

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As the world evolves and organisations strive to succeed, creating a conducive workplace for millenials becomes critical. 

Hiring managers need to stay in touch with trends within their industry and this becomes easier if they understand social / market trends also. Organisations must learn to move with the times. Though millenials appear to be a special breed,  you need to understand that millenials are just as driven as previous generations maybe not in the ways you'd expect but millenials are changing the world. 

Job satisfaction should be a priority for any forward thinking organisation and employee welfare should be key for HRs. Progressive organisations are beginning to deliberately create excellent employee experience because they realise that it is just as important as excellent customer experience. Your employees are your internal customers and you must take care of them likewise. 

You may want to find a balance but from their outfits/hairstyles/gadgets to their learning choices, you would have to accommodate their style.

I do not know any organisation today that functions without millenials and if you are going to (not only hire but) keep millenials under your employ you must be ready to up your game by creating a bubbly atmosphere.

A toxic/rigid workplace is no longer a thing.  Millenials enjoy flexible, remote and fun work environment that encourages entrepreneurial mindset. 

You can choose to retain your 19th century approach or upgrade your workplace but the former will not sustain millenials.

Claudia Nwankwo 2019


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